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11 Must Have WordPress Plugins and Why You Need Them

WordPress is a leading content management system that small businesses use for their professional online presence. This outstanding platform can become even more powerful installing these plugins during website design that extend its functionality. In this article, you’ll learn about the eleven best WordPress plugins available on the market.  

1. Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO is a fantastic professional tool that optimizes sites for search engine crawlers. It has a variety of effective tools that will ensure your WordPress site gets noticed online. This dynamic tool uses data to describe your website’s contents, so it’s easily indexed. It can also create rich results for Google, Pinterest, and other online platforms. The plugin also uses keyword optimization and related phrases to improve your SEO and boost your online rankings.

Additionally, you can also use this tool to analyze your content. It provides clear expert insights to improve your content’s readability, sentence structure, paragraph length, and subheadings. Yoast SEO also alerts about overusing passive voice. It auto-generates URLs, so you don’t get penalized for duplicate content. It generates optimized XML sitemaps and breadcrumb lists.

The publisher constantly updates this plugin with additional features and new releases that correct bugs and security issues. To download Yoast, visit this page.

2. Constant Contact


Small businesses rely on email lists to increase their brand awareness and to convert leads into sales. One of the most effective WordPress plugins to improve your database is Constant Contact.

This plugin allows you to create comprehensive email lists using an intuitive interface. It also allows you to build eye-catching professional emails and newsletters that you can send to your subscribers.

Constant Contact’s simple platform is easy for non-technical people to set up and get started quickly. The company also optimizes its plugin for WordPress and WP Forms. To download Constant Contact, visit this page.

3. PushEngage


Does your small business need an effective way to remind your subscribers about new content published to your blog? Would you like to notify your customers about price changes and product updates on your site? PushEngage is a WordPress plugin that will send targeted announcements to your customers using push notifications.

This fantastic tool includes dynamic user segmentation that can help streamline your marketing efforts and reach the right customers. You can also use this plugin to create drip campaigns, analytics, and goal tracking.

Small business owners can use PushEngage to alert customers about price drops, inventory changes, and cart abandonments on eCommerce sites.  It can also notify subscribers when you publish new material on your blog. This company doesn’t sell private data to other third-party businesses.

To download PushEngage, visit this page.

4. WooCommerce


WordPress has a variety of plugins that can transform websites into powerful eCommerce platforms. One of the best plugins available for small business sites is WooCommerce. The plugin’s free version can accomplish different storefront tasks, including calculating final costs, shipping, and taxes for customers. It also accepts major forms of payment, such as credit cards, PayPal, cash on delivery, and bank transfers.

WooCommerce’s premium version has more advanced tools for store owners, including add-ons for cart abandonments and single-page checkouts. It also offers a bountiful selection of themes that will allow you to customize your site. To download WooCommerce, visit this page.

5. WP Rocket


Over 1.2 million people use WP Rocket, one of the most popular WordPress caching tools available to users. This amazing tool is simple to set up, install, and configure. WP Rocket automatically turns on recommended caching systems like Gzip compression, page cache, and cache preloading.

After installation, this plugin uses to visit your website and preload its contents into its cache. This step ensures that search engines can quickly index your site. It also has powerful features that allow you to improve your website’s speed and performance without technical skills. To download WP Rocket, visit this page.

6. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP


Your business can track and analyze your website traffic using Google Analytics Dashboard for WP. Before you use this professional tool, you must sign up for a free account and tracking code on Google’s site.

This exceptional plugin allows you to view key statistics within your WordPress dashboard. You can generate sets of performance reports about your whole site’s performance, or you can analyze separate pages and posts. You can also customize the information used in reports.

This tool easily integrates with Google’s AdWords and AdSense. It can track your marketing campaign’s performance. It also identifies content that can generate the highest revenues for your business. To download Google Analytics Dashboard for WP, visit this page.

7. Adobe’s TypeKit Fonts for Word Press


Do you need high-quality fonts to enhance the beauty of your website? You can use Adobe’s TypeKit Fonts plugin on for your business page. These gorgeous fonts load quickly and comply with official web-standards. Adobe also provides licenses for all typefaces provided through this plugin. You must sign up for a Creative Cloud subscription to use this tool.

8. Updraft Plus


This amazing plugin is one of the most renowned backup tools for WordPress sites.  Updraft Plus has several features that allow users to schedule automatic site backups. The tool also allows you to save backups to a remote location using Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, email, and other methods.  To download, visit this page.

9. SearchWP


This free tool extends the search functionality provided by WordPress. It allows your visitors to receive comprehensive results. It also offers advanced search features, like indexing of descriptions, keywords, and titles. Your users can search for other content included in PDFs, Office documents, and other tools. For $99, you can purchase premium features to customize your results list. To download this plugin, visit this page.

10. SeedProd


This tool allows you to place WordPress in maintenance mode. It also allows you to advertise a “Coming Soon” page with features that collect leads to increase your email list or subscriber base while you update your site.

SeedProd has a stunning selection of templates for landing pages. Its features also work seamlessly with marketing services and countdown timers. You can also integrate this tool with your social media sites. To download SeedProd, visit this page.

11. OptinMonster


This plugin allows you to build your email list. It also enables your business to convert visitors that abandon your website into subscribers and customers.

The application has pre-formatted opt-in forms in a variety of designs that can customize using a drop and drag builder. It also allows you to create personalized campaigns for each user so you can show them targeted messages. This solution is brilliant for eCommerce, blogging, and business websites. To download OptinMonster, visit this page.

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