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5 LinkedIn Profile Tips That Will Make You Stand Out

5 LinkedIn Profile Tips

Of all the social platforms, LinkedIn is the be all and end all, at least in terms of professional networks. It’s an online community that is home to millions of members and countless big brands. In fact, one in three professionals on the planet is on LinkedIn. So what do these stats mean for you? Well, basically, if you want to go anywhere in your career within the coming decades, you’ll want to beef up and optimize your LinkedIn profile.

That said, let’s go through a handful of tips that will have you climbing to the top of the pack and getting noticed by some awesome companies in no time.

Step: 1: Create a kickass headline. With 706 million other people potentially competing for the same job (or some portion of them), you’ve got to find a way to make your profile really pop. It starts with an eye-catching headline. Find a way to phrase your title and what you can bring to the table in a way that will make it worth taking a closer look at your profile. Just don’t make anything up.

Step 2: Include keywords. As with anything else on the web, using keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile can really boost your chances of being found by potential recruiters. Not sure what keywords to use? Aside from the main words that describe your job duties, think about what you’d like to be known for (i.e. experienced, expertise, organized, driven, etc.) and include those words where applicable.

Step 3: Share content. While LinkedIn isn’t as known for social sharing as other sites, doing so is still a powerful tool for getting yourself noticed. Look for relevant content (including some of your own, if possible) to share with your connections.

Step 4: Use rich media. LinkedIn allows you to add much more than just words to your profile, so take advantage of this by including dynamic media like photos, slideshows and videos. Think about how much your information will stand out compared to others in your field with the same experience. The more of an impression you can make, the better.

Step 5: Name drop. Again, no making things up, but don’t be afraid to include links to as many well-known brands as possible. Be specific about your education, join and become active with certain industry-specific groups, share logos of companies you’ve worked with in the past (including volunteer work or internships). They say dress to impress, right? This is the same thing, only virtually.

So, there you have it. Of course, along with these five things, you are always encouraged to think outside the box and be creative. Remember, the more effort you put into your LinkedIn profile, the more likely you’ll be to end up in the job you’ve always dreamed of, whatever that career may be.

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