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How to Encourage Your Repeat Customers to Give More Feedback

Businesses must understand the needs of their core customers to stay competitive in today’s competitive marketplace. Getting feedback from consumers can help them maintain an edge over their rivals.  It can also help companies improve their product lines and services.

In this article, you’ll learn seven ways you can use feedback from customers to help your company’s bottom line.

Why is Customer Feedback Necessary?

Customer feedback is essential because it is a resource that helps guide the growth of your business. You want to know what shoppers believe your company is getting right. It also helps you to identify areas where you need to improve.

Once you identify what you’re getting right, you can adapt your approach and provide better products and services that please your customers.

Seven Tips to Get Feedback from Your Customers

Consumers are willing to give their opinion about your products and services. Sometimes, it’s simply asking them to provide it. In this section, you’ll learn seven tips to encourage your customers to provide feedback.

1. Use In-Store Displays, Signage, and Kiosks

Your company can use these displays to encourage customers to provide feedback that can improve your products and services. It tells customers how much you value their honest feedback.  Additionally, these signs will allow customers to give you their opinions on their terms. There are several options you can offer to your customers, including door stickers, posters, and business cards with links to feedback forms.

2. Keep Track of Your Social Media Sites

Take a few moments to develop an effective social media strategy and outreach campaigns that reach your customers. For instance, regularly post updates to platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and others. Monitoring your social media sites and responding to customers enables you to have an open dialogue with them. You’ll be able to get feedback from them and build relationships with them. It will also increase your customer satisfaction and empower your customers.

Additionally, use social media monitoring and listening in your mix. Track your posts or threads by setting up keywords or phrases that will trigger alerts. Use them to start or join online conversations. Your social media sites can also provide you with an opportunity to create content for your websites.

3. Ask for Product Feedback from Your Customers

Another way to obtain feedback from your customers is to ask for their opinions about your products and services in an email. These forms allow your business to follow up with consumers after every interaction. These feedback forms can also help your business track and evaluate the performance of products in targeted areas.


Many companies ask for their patrons to leave reviews after they make a sale, but there are a few who request them during the pre-sale process. You can use all-in-one platforms to collect your feedback in a centralized fashion, and better respond to it. This automated system will serve you time and help you to receive consistent feedback. These platforms evaluate your customer experience by showing your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Most customers rather give feedback in a private area rather than in an online setting. Consumers respond using a 0 to ten scale. These programs calculate your NPS by using the percentage of promoters (people who chose nine to ten) minus your detractors (those who rate you six or below).

4. Directly Contact Your Customers for Feedback

Phone calls are one of the most overlooked options to get feedback from your customers. Many people are willing to talk rather than write their opinions in a review.

Directly contact your customers can help companies to build a personal relationship with their customers. It allows you to get more insight into what is going on with your customers. You’ll also be able to pick up additional information from their voice inflection and speed of their response.

According to one study, people who interacted with their customers saw lower attrition rates, increased their customer advocacy, and had increases in the number of active customers. These businesses also had customers who were less price sensitive.

5. Use In-App Surveys

Surveys provide fast answers and feedback for businesses since they’re easy to set up and analyze. There are several vital things to remember when sending out a survey.

Please make sure that your surveys are concise and respect your customer’s time. Tell them in advance how many questions they’ll answer and use a progress bar to tell them when they will complete their survey. You can also ask for feedback in your emails to find out how people feel about your customer service, prices, and products.

Additionally, you can ask users to rate your content, articles, and support center documents using programs like Web Engage, Survey Monkey, or other WP plugins.

Businesses use help centers to answer frequently asked questions about their products and services. You can ask visitors which ones are outstanding. It can help you to improve your content, especially if you’ have lower scores. If you have higher ratings, it helps you to establish credibility with your users.

6. Include Feedback Forms About Your Website’s Customer Service

Most people are vocal about major customer service or support issues that annoy them; however, they are less likely to contact support regarding minor ones. Having a website feedback form means your customers can report the minor problems they are experiencing on your website that you might miss.

Your form should be easy to fill out and available as soon as a user needs to fill one out.


7. Offer Live Chats to Your Customers

Another way to improve your outreach is to offer a way to answer questions, grievances and comments through live chat. These applications are easy to place on your site. Live chat allows you to help customers in real-time and improve your response time. It also adds value to your customers. You can explore several options, such as Olark, Zendesk Chat, and Intercom.

Your team doesn’t have to be available all day, either. You can set a schedule for live chat and offer an alternative contact form when your team is unavailable for instant chat.


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