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Seven Simple Ways to Build Your Small Business’ Social Media Presence Quickly

Business owners realize they need a powerful online social media presence to remain competitive. Although many entrepreneurs realize these platforms can help them reach a larger audience, they don’t know how to engage their followers and expand their communities.

Are you a small business owner who needs to improve your social media engagement platforms? In this article, you’ll learn seven stellar tips to improve your social media sites.

1. Promote Your Social Media Websites

You can increase your company’s social media community by promoting your platforms to customers. Although your people may be familiar with your products, goods, and services, they may not know you have an online social media presence.

There are several ways your company can promote your social media sites. The simplest way is to advertise them on your official business site. For instance, you can place branded icons on your front page header to advertise your platforms. If you publish blog posts, you can use a call-to-action to encourage people to follow you on social media.

You can also promote your social media sites through your marketing literature. For instance, add the address of your Facebook Business Page to printed flyers. You may place your social platform addresses in the tagline of printed advertisements.

Whenever you release an e-mail marketing campaign, you can encourage people to follow you on social media sites. Your company can provide special offers, sales, and discounts to people who agree to follow your page. You can also cross-link to social media pages on your other available platforms. It’s a great way to promote your site since 91 percent of small businesses have two or more social media sites.

If these steps still don’t bring enough attention to your website, you can also purchase ads from Facebook, Instagram, and other sites. These advertisements will reach a specific audience and bring more customers to your business page. You can offer a special discount for first-time followers that complete an additional action.

2. Use Your Social Media Site to Improve Your Customer Service

Social media sites allow people to catch up with relatives, friends, and family members. They also allow customers to connect with different brands and speak about their personal. For instance, if a person has a product-related issue, they may reach out to the company via social media first, instead of speaking with a manager directly or contacting customer service.

Social media allows customers to speak to small businesses directly. They may use social media business pages to air their grievances. These individuals may complain about their poor service on social media. They can also warn other people to stay away from certain products and services.

Even if a person has a terrible experience with a company, they will form their latest impression based on how you resolve their issue. If you handle it well, the person may turn into repeat business as a satisfied customer.

If you don’t have the time to run your social media site, you can use chatbots to answer basic questions and respond to frequently asked questions. You may also hire a social media manager to handle your online reputation on your social media sites.

3. Engage Your Audience

Social media platforms are not the right place for traditional marketing messages. People want to connect with the businesses they patronize. They want to see what takes place behind the scenes at companies. They also want to learn that the companies they buy from care about their local communities.

When speaking with your followers, be humane and transparent. Your friendly nature will win over customers. If your customer posts a question, don’t wait for days to respond. Answer their inquiries, honestly and directly. Although you can be humorous and personable in your interactions, always stay professional in your interactions. Don’t start incisive, disrespectful conversations that can anger people. Always treat your clients with respect and deference.

4. Establish a Social Media Calendar for Posts

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Your followers will show more interest in your social media pages when you post regularly. First, create an editorial calendar for your business. These social media schedules will help you post content regularly. They can ensure you have enough material for your pages. These schedules will also help your small business develop a comprehensive content strategy. You can develop industry-adjacent content that provides value for your followers.

Make sure your posts are consistent with your branding and messaging. Always stay professional and courteous when engaging your customers. Don’t start conversations that could incite controversy that could hurt your brand.

Additionally, track how long it takes you to develop and execute each social media post. Only use content that showcases the human side of your business.

For instance, a bakery can show its employees mixing flour to make scones and croissants. An animal rescue shelter may show a video of their groomers giving a makeover to a stray dog to prepare it for adoption.

Does your small business need to develop a social media calendar, Dialed In Web can help. We have experts that can develop a calendar to promote your company’s social media sites.

Trending topics are subjects that have a surge in popularity on social media platforms for a short duration. They are a fantastic way to expose your brand to a wider exposure that may not be familiar with your company. If you use a trending hashtag in one of your posts, they can increase in popularity.

For instance, you can search the sidebar on Twitter’s homepage to see what’s trending. You can also look at hashtags to find out which ones are the most popular.

6. Use Visual Images in Your Social Media Posts

Beautiful photographs and images are another way to raise interest in your social media website. According to a survey, eighty-two percent of marketers said photographs played an essential role in their social media strategy. Almost 52 percent of these professionals said video content also produced significant engagement rates and ROI.

Visual websites have also risen through the ranks. Instagram has over 800 million users every month. Pinterest has more than a million users.

7. Automate Your Site

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Are you too busy to maintain your social media community? You can use automated software to save time. The most popular social media automation programs are Buffer and Hootsuite.

For instance, you can send out tweets automatically use social media tools to social media schedulers to post to different websites when you don’t have the time. You can also use a combination of automation and personal engagement in your social media strategy.

Do you need to improve your social media strategy for your business? Dialed In Web can help. We have experts that can improve the performance of your social media sites. For more information, contact us today.

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