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Struggling to bring customers to your Shopify store? We offer Shopify SEO services that boost your traffic and convert more visitors into sales. Act now!

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Shopify is a great ecommerce platform that offers plenty of customization options so that you get a storefront that reflects your brand aesthetic. But a Shopify store needs to do more than look good on screen. Your storefront must actively bring in customers searching for products and services like yours.

That’s precisely what Dialed In Web’s Shopify SEO services can do for you. We work with your existing storefront and optimize it with a comprehensive SEO strategy. Through this process, we can increase your traffic, bring more qualified buyers, and increase your transaction numbers. If you’ve been struggling to get more potential customers to your Shopify store, then schedule a consultation about SEO for Shopify websites with us today.

Technical & On-Page SEO

Shopify has a lot of good SEO tools built in. But we know how to take those tools and make them even better. We ensure every page of your store is fully optimized to give you the best results possible by focusing on page structure, easy indexing, and intelligent keyword usage. Our strategies align with Google’s algorithm to help you rank higher within returned search results. This SEO Shopify approach also boosts your visibility to customers looking for products and services like yours.

Smart Keyword Integration

We do in-depth keyword research to help target customers who are ready to make a purchase. We then strategically use those keywords on your website within images, content, and metadata to enhance your store's visibility online.

Enhanced Copy Everywhere

What's written on your Shopify store matters, from image descriptions to category titles. We will comb through your content and look for areas where we can improve SEO.

Optimized Structure That Plays Nice With Google

Google's algorithm works well with clean, clear page structures. We can reorganize your Shopify store to give it a Google-friendly structure. That makes it easier for Google (and your customers) to find your products.

Off-Page Optimization for Ecommerce

SEO for Shopify websites shouldn’t stop at your storefront. We also offer off-page optimization that can help bring more visibility and credibility to your brand. These SEO efforts are about building your brand beyond your website. Through quality link-building practices, we connect your storefront to trusted online resources and social media accounts. This increases engagement with potential customers.

Using Social Media to Engage Potential Customers

Our team can manage your social media channels. We’ll create excitement around your brand with great content that engages with potential customers.

Link Building With Trusted Online Resources

We'll encourage link building with respected authorities in your field, including reputable associations and influencers.

Content Creation That Keeps Your Site Fresh

Through quality copy, we will continue to add relevant, informative content to your website. This strategy enhances your SEO and positions your store as an authority in the field.

Detailed Performance Reporting

We’ll show you exactly how our Shopify SEO strategies are paying off. When you have our detailed reports, you’ll see exactly how efforts in SEO optimization, link building, and social media are driving traffic to your store. We’ll use these reports to look for areas where we can enhance your SEO strategy for even better results.

Keyword Analysis for Ongoing Optimization

Our reports will show what keywords bring shoppers to your Shopify storefront. We'll use that information to integrate targeted keywords to drive more traffic.

Using Google Analytics for More Comprehensive Reporting

We collect data from multiple sources, including Google Analytics, to provide a complete picture of your SEO performance. Using multiple data sources gives us a better understanding of what's working and what needs to change.

Analyzing Traffic Sources and Improving Them

We'll look at what links are driving traffic to your website. Then we will promote them to increase sales while protecting your website from disreputable sites.

If you’re ready to get started on getting your shopify website to the top of the search page, then schedule a consultation with Dialed in Web today.

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