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Ten PPC Tools to Take Your Advertising Game to the Next Level

Pay-per-click advertising is a strategic form of marketing that drives traffic to websites. Advertisers can place bids for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links. They pay a fee every time a person clicks one of their advertisements, then visits their site. Most entrepreneurs understand the value of PPC campaigns; however, they may not have the right tools to track their success.   In this article, we’ll tell you about ten PPC tools that can elevate your online marketing campaigns.  

What are PPC tools?

This technology allows marketers to optimize the performance of their pay-per-click campaigns. PPC tools also automate time-consuming tasks and repetitive jobs, which saves time. They also leverage algorithms to adjust the targeted performance of their marketing campaigns.

Some PPC tools work with diverse advertising platforms, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft. Others may only integrate with a single one.

Which Tasks Can PPC Tools Complete?

Select PPC tools can do minor tasks, while others offer comprehensive marketing solutions for marketers. Users can make changes to their Google or Microsoft Ads from their interfaces.

Others give recommendations, but users must visit Google Ads account to make changes. Some tools permit users to sync with their Google or Microsoft Ads account. The third-party PPC enables users to alter their bids and budgets directly from the app. PPC Tools can help users finish the following tasks:

  • Creating new PPC advertising campaigns
  • Overview of your PPC accounts
  • A/B Testing
  • Tracking and monitoring of your campaign’s performance
  • Budget management
  • Managing your bids
  • Reviewing your Quality Score
  • Reporting
  • Keyword research

Ten PPC Tools that Can Take Your Advertising Game to the Next Level

In the next section, you’ll learn about ten top tools that can elevate your PPC campaigns.

1. Google Ads Editor

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This free, downloadable application allows users to change PPC campaigns. The Ads Editor has bulk features that allow people to alter all their accounts at once. It allows also enables marketers to:

  • Advertisers can edit, search, and replace text, move items, and undo changes across various campaigns.
  • Marketers can review revisions across many campaigns. They can export files that coworkers can review and propose corrections.
  • Managers can track campaign metrics, performance statistics, click-through rates, positions, costs, and conversions.

Visit this page to download the Google Ads Editor.

2. WordStream PPC Advisor

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WordStream’s PPC Advisor is an app that helps small businesses with limited budgets optimize their PPC ads. This paid tool enables users to adjust their campaigns on major platforms. 

PPC Advisor has a 20-Minute Work Week tool that analyzes paid-per-click campaigns. It also provides suggestions to improve them. Small business owners can make these changes through WordStream’s software.

The tool can do the following tasks:

  • Permits users to manage Google AdWords, Bing, and Facebook.
  • Enables users to execute bids, build out campaigns.
  • Research new keywords and identify negative ones with their keyword editor.
  • Provides progress reports that help you adjust your campaigns.
  • Build optimized landing pages.

Download WordStream’s PPC Advisor from this page.

3. Microsoft Advertising Editor

Price Extensions in Microsoft Advertising Editor - Microsoft Advertising
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This advanced PPC tool helps agencies with major budgets manage and streamline several advertisements. This paid app has automated features that enable businesses to develop several campaigns.

Bing’s Search Engine gets over 5 billion inquiries every day. This tool allows you to build PPC campaigns for their search engine. Microsoft’s Advertising Editor has the following features:

  • Synchronize your campaigns and accounts to make changes or additions offline. You can upload these changes with a single click.
  • Download several accounts at the same time, copy and paste from one account to another one. Also, perform bulk Google Imports.
  • This editor also allows you to research new keywords and add them to your campaign.

Download Microsoft’s Advertising Editor from this page. 

4. Optmyzr

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This award-winning PPC software platform provides enterprise-grade marketing scripts at an affordable price. Optmyzr has tools that help businesses optimize their PPC ads, manage their accounts, and boost revenues.

This dynamic tool won the Global 2022 Search Awards and U.S. 2022 Search Awards.

Marketers can complete the following tasks with Optmyzr: 

  • Create campaigns from your inventory.
  • Optimize your campaigns with suggestions based on machine learning.
  • Share wins with colleagues with automated reports. 

To download Optmyzr, visit this page.

5. SEMRush PPC ToolKit

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SEMRush PPC ToolKit is a paid PPC management software suite. It helps small businesses plan and manage their advertising campaigns. This app allows owners to conduct research, find relevant keywords, and identify competitors. Marketers can also find past keyword rivals and determine if they should take advantage of similar bidding strategies.

This platform also has a Keyword Magic Tool that finds stronger keyword and phrases lists and search volume data. Users can also export this information into documents that they can share with their colleagues.

You can download the SEMRush PPC Toolkit on this page.

6. HubSpot’s PPC Management Template

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This free template helps business owners plan PPC campaigns for a low cost without using advertising software. It guides professionals through the process of creating dynamic ads that reach their target audience. The template can help you find positive and negative keywords and ad groups.

Businesses can also share this document with colleagues before launching an ad campaign. Visit this page to download the template.

7. Optimizely

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This conversion tool allows small business owners to test which web page version is the most engaging one for visitors. After you identify the right page, you can optimize your website. The tool allows businesses to target their audiences based on predictive analysis. It can also identify segments based on behavior, multi-page testing, and campaign management.

Download Optimizely from this site.

8. AdEspresso

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This specialized tool allows users to manage, adjust, and improve their PPC campaigns based on their business goals. It provides a one-stop platform to manage your ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. AdEspresso also integrates with Canva, a premier graphic design tool. It also eliminates the time that small businesses may spend editing campaigns between channels. Download AdEspresso from this site.

9. PPC Entourage

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This targeted app allows active Amazon Sellers to create specific product campaigns for their ads. PPC Entourage can also increase conversions for your company.

This app can complete the following tasks, including:

  • Identifying keyword research and relevant unused keywords
  • Automating options that can optimize bids, remove keywords, and add relevant ones.
  • Analytic tools that can help you identify areas for improvement
  • Negative keyword optimization
  • Ability to change Amazon ad campaigns

Download PPC Entourage from this page.

10. PPC Protect

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This tool prevents click-fraud on your Google AdWords campaign and protects your budget. The system monitors your traffic, and it has effective IP blocking features. This platform limits access to approved team members. Download PPC Protect from this site.

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