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Eight Outstanding Ways to Leverage Reddit for Marketing

Social media platforms are an outstanding way for businesses to showcase their brand and get seen by millions of users. One of the most prominent, popular sites on the web today is Reddit. It’s known for its gigantic community of users and high audience engagement rates.

Many companies know that Reddit is a fantastic avenue to introduce their brand to customers, but most don’t know how to utilize the platform. In today’s article, we’ll teach you eight exceptional tips that will help you market on Reddit.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a massive collection of forums where people can share news, post content, and exchange opinions. The platform is currently the seventh-most popular platform in the United States, according to Alexa.


The site earned the nickname, “The front page of the internet,” since it primarily focuses on social news aggregation. Its enormous community also offers ample marketing opportunities to businesses. 

The platform has more than 130,000 active communitiescalled “subreddits,” which cover different topics. All Reddit forum names begin with an “r/,” which is part of the URL that the company uses for its subreddit addresses. The technology giant currently has more than 430 million active users and more than 30 billion views as of August 2022.


How Reddit Works

Reddit bases its platform on user-generated content. Their members submit posts, which others “upvote” or “downvote.” 

Submissions and threads with the highest number of upvotes ascend to Reddit’s Hot List. These include posts featured on the platform’s landing page. If posts receive a high number of votes, it will increase traffic to the source business’ website.      

Reddit has two types of posts. The first types are text posts hosted on their servers. The second ones are links that direct users to external platforms.  

Additionally, Redditors expect its members to adhere to its community etiquette. Social Media Examiner has a list of best practices that businesses should follow when using the platform for marketing:

  • Become a Reddit member first – Few Redditors trust brand-new profiles with no posts. They are also suspicious of accounts that only promote their products and services.
  • Learn how Reddit works – Before marketing on the site, make sure companies learn about how the platform and its users operate. Pay attention to typical inside jokes, jargon, and acronyms that people share on threads.
  • Offer value to users – Businesses should follow the 80/20 formula when marketing on the site. They should contribute to Reddit’s community 80 percent of their time and market during the remaining 20 percent. Companies can adjust this ratio depending on the quality of content they provide to Reddit members.
  • Post original content in an engaging way– Although it’s tempting, companies shouldn’t borrow content from their other social media platforms and repurpose them for Reddit posts. Only provide fresh material that provides value so you can attract a new audience.
  • Don’t use shill accounts– Companies should rely on fake profiles or undisclosed paid sponsors to promote their message. Additionally, they shouldn’t ask their employees to upvote threads to obtain more views. Most Redditors see through these tactics. They are unlikely to respect marketers or brands that use these tricks.

How to Use Reddit to Market Business Brands

The following list contains tips that marketers can use when developing their Reddit marketing strategy.

Tip 1: Avoid Getting Banned on the Platform

Reddit doesn’t allow businesses to post identical comments multiple times to different threads or communities. These duplicate posts are called spam. If users notify Reddit’s moderators about this practice, it can lead to an account getting banned. When this happens, companies may not be able to use the platform again, since Reddit not only bans single accounts; it also blocks domains.  


Once they prohibit an organization from accessing the site, it can cause major issues when a brand wants to launch a marketing campaign on Reddit. Here are a few tips that can prevent you from getting banned.

  • Don’t submit identical comments multiple times to different subreddits.
  • Don’t post links-only comments that only contain a company’s website address.
  • Stay away from posts that have illegal content.
  • Don’t beg people to upvote comments.
  • Never share another person’s private information in a post.
  • Don’t excessively promote brands.

Redditors don’t like brands that overtly market to them. Some community members will post screen histories of marketers who spam too much or violate the website’s rules. They prefer companies that add value to Reddit’s community.

Tip 2: Assemble a Team of Influencers and Ambassadors

According to a study, 74 percent of consumers say that social media impacts their buying decisions. Social media influencers help people discover brands.  These individuals use a variety of platforms to review products. In turn, they inspire their audiences to purchase them.


Finding the right social media influencer may seem intimidating, but the easiest way to find an enthusiastic influencer is to let them approach your brand. 

Reddit has an Influencer Marketing community on its platform where companies can announce any upcoming campaigns. Additionally, they can ask people to participate in their promotions. Many influencers and micro-influencers connect with companies using this platform as a way to launch their careers. The subreddit also allows businesses to speak with customers who are enthusiastic about their products and services.

Tip 3: Listen and Learn from Other Marketers on Reddit 

On Reddit, the Influencer Marketing page provides a wealth of information about their social media campaigns. Companies share stories about different advertising campaigns. They also provide details about their success and failures on this community page. There’s also subreddits dedicated to past campaigns. Marketers can also ask questions on these threads.


This detailed information helps brands to be well-prepared when developing social media marketing strategies on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and newer platforms like TikTok.

Tip 4: Use Reddit to Learn How Audiences Feel a Company’s Brand

Reddit can provide invaluable feedback about how users feel about different products and services. Marketers should read different threads about their brands on Reddit. Their honest opinions can help businesses make adjustments to users to learn how they honestly feel about their offerings.

Companies should pay attention to common questions and complaints their consumers have. For instance, if people dislike certain services or website features, businesses can use this feedback to improve them. 

Source: Doctor My Document

Additionally, companies should use customers’ opinions to make better outreach and marketing efforts.

Tip 5: Connect with Niche Communities Who Make Up Core Audiences

Reddit’s platform has higher engagement rates than other platforms. It tailors its content based on users’ interests and what they care about the most.  They target advertisements based on their users’ tastes. Users aren’t afraid to express their dissatisfaction or enthusiasm about certain products. 


On this site, businesses can use these engagement rates to their advantage and connect on a deeper level with their target audience on Reddit. The best way to engage with these groups is to be an active, genuine participant on subreddit forums. Always answer consumer questions in an honest, transparent matter. 

Tip 6: Build a Reddit Feed with Content Relevant Business Brands

After joining Reddit, businesses should optimize their accounts to get the most out of the platform. Here are several tips that can help. First, subscribe to subreddits that are relevant to your products or services.

Next, search through the platform’s threads. Reddit’s most noticeable content includes graphics (GIFs and pictures), text-based posts, and news.

Third, companies should observe what their core audiences enjoy and engage with the most. Additionally, they can gauge how long it takes for users to respond to posts.

Another great way brands can engage with audiences is to create an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) thread. Companies may invite Redditors to post questions about their brand, products, and services. These posts work best when organizations have influencers or brand ambassadors who can answer questions in a natural, friendly way.     


Tip 7: Companies Must Create an Authentic Reddit Profile for

Businesses on Reddit’s platform should develop user profiles that feel authentic. There should be a real person behind each company profile, engaging with their core audience. Don’t only use the accounts for marketing purposes; instead, provide value to the Reddit community.

For a short period only answer user questions, and offer helpful advice.  It will help make your profile less suspicious to others on the site. Once you’ve interacted with Redditors for a few weeks, you can add your content to the site.

Tip 8: Use Reddit to Generate Blog Ideas for Content Marketing Campaigns

Companies can also use Reddit for their content marketing strategy. Marketers can generate writing ideas by scrolling through subreddit topics related to their business. They can read discussion threads to learn blog topics that may interest customers. Additionally, they can scroll through Hot List posts to identify typical questions that customers may ask. Take note of these popular topics, since many customers may have similar questions as the original poster.

Businesses can also use a tool called for Reddit called Keyworddit. It allows marketers to learn which keywords customers searched for the most on the social media platform. It provides clarity regarding which keywords marketers should include within blog posts.


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